Venus Freeze treatments are relatively new, cutting-edge, and highly effective procedures that do wonders for the skin. People who are interested in seeing real results are beginning to turn to Venus Freeze treatments. Most people hear about Venus Freeze and begin to ask questions about the effectiveness of the treatments or if there is any pain associated. The following will provide further information about Venus Freeze treatments for those who aren’t very familiar with the new therapy.

  1. What is Venus Freeze?

This extraordinary new treatment works to resolve a number of skin issues. With anti-aging benefits, Venus Freeze is a top choice for many people who want real results. Venus Freeze treatments work to reduce cellulite. The treatments also tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  1. How Does Venus Freeze Work?

Venus Freeze treatments use multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields to produce a pleasant heat matrix over the skin. The benefits of Venus Freeze, such as skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and wrinkle reduction, occur because the frequency used triggers a thermal reaction in the tissue that stimulates the body’s healing response. When the body’s healing response is triggered, new collagen formation occurs. As this happens, new elastin fibers are created. Essentially, Venus Freeze treatments help skin repair and rejuvenate. Active collagen formation helps the skin to contract, resulting in firmer skin, less noticeable wrinkles, and cellulite reduction.

  1. What Do Venus Freeze Treatments Feel Like?

Many people present concerns about pain or discomfort when it comes to having Venus Freeze treatments. The treatments are painless. Venus Freeze treatments are not an invasive procedure, and there is no discomfort. Many patients find the treatments relaxing and therapeutic. Depending on the area being treated, Venus Freeze treatments can take up to 40 minutes. Treatments are generally conducted in a series, and results are noticeable as treatment progresses. There have been no side effects reported with Venus Freeze treatments. Treated skin often presents a “rosy” glow for a few hours afterwards.

  1. What Preparation is Required for Venus Freeze Treatments?

Venus Freeze treatments do not require any special preparation. Patients don’t need to do anything aside from their normal routines. Just call the facility that is providing the treatments, schedule a consultation, and show up for the appointment. Some patients like to bring a pillow or blanket, and many patients actually fall asleep during Venus Freeze treatments.

Venus Freeze treatments are fairly new, but they are gaining wide popularity for a few reasons. They are convenient, easy, and effective. Simply make an appointment and have the treatment conducted. Venus Freeze treatments do need to be done in a series, and results are visible along the way. Patients do not experience any discomfort during or after their treatments. No burning, itching, or stinging are present before or after Venus Freeze treatments. Many people find the treatments to be relaxing, and many patients compare the treatments to having a massage.